I'm Not An Artist

In 2009, Matthew Cooper and I were commissioned by agency Soon In Tokyo to create 56 animated gifs for a new campaign advertising the Barcelona-based design college Elisava. Using these, the agency created an interactive website, where visitors could add their own gifs to the website by either uploading their own files or creating a gif using their webcam.

An archived version of the website (without user submissions) can be found here:

The idea behind the campaign is that being a designer - rather than being glamourous, fashionable and artistic - is in fact frustrating, time-consuming and very, very, very hard work.

Soon In Tokyo created flip-books using our animations, and this lovely (but eye-bleeding) poster containing every frame:

Client: Elisava
Agency/Concept: Soon In Tokyo
Programming: Jesus Gollonet

Direction / Animation / Compositing: Johnny Kelly & Matthew Cooper
Production Assistant: Joe Pelling
Additional Compositing: Yu Sato