Memory Palace

I was asked by The V&A Museum to take part in their group exhibition 'Memory Palace'. Collecting a single memory from each visitor, I created a series of weekly posters that were hung in the space over the course of the exhibition's four-month run.

The show is a kind of 'walk-in novel' with each piece visually interpreting a chapter of Hari Kunzru's book. The book itself is set in a dystopian future-London when memories are strictly forbidden. I was given the final chapter where the protaganist is allowed – before his execution – to submit a single memory that will exist beyond his life.

Using a tablet, visitors could write or draw their memories. These were then added immediately to a large digital display. Each week a screen-printed poster containing the previous seven days submissions was hung in the gallery, resulting in a continually growing installation space.

The layout of each poster was automatically designed, using a custom system created by Andrea Cuius in collaboration with Nexus Studios. This means the poster is full, whether there is one hundred drawings or one thousand.

The exhibition ran for four months in 2013 from June until October. More info can be found on the V&A website.

Client: V&A
Supported by: Sky Arts
Exhibition Curators: Ligaya Salazar and Laurie Britton Newell

Production Company: Nexus Studios
Direction & Design: Johnny Kelly
ECD: Chris O’Reilly
Software Engineer: Andrea Cuius
Android Programmer: Hanson Aboagye
Android Design: Patrick Casey
Executive Producer: Luke Ritchie
Producers: Joana Flor, Ulla Winkler, Enfys Dickenson, Claire Cook
Technical Director: Tony Volpe
Poster design assistance: Rich Stangroom
Poster printing: Luma
Case study film by Dave Slade, Lewis Noll, Ben Hunt