A film about design. If for one day you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change?

Shape is part of a project to get young people thinking about how the world is made around them, and where design fits in.

This film and the accompanying website was commissioned by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council to promote wider acceptance and use of design as a tool for positive change.

The website helps you to learn more about design, and shows how can find design in your home, at school, and in your community. Visit it here:

We also made a series of gifs for the project, you can view them all here:

Client: Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council 

Production company: Nexus
Direction & Design: Johnny Kelly
Writer: Scott Burnett
Producer: Ali Grehan
Nexus Producer: Isobel Conroy
Animators: Felix Massie, Joe Sparrow, Alex Grigg and Johnny Kelly
GIF wrangling: Alasdair Brotherston
Editor: Steven McInerney

Thanks to Mark Davies, Sergei Shabarov and Chris O'Reilly
Special thanks to Cllr Naoise O'Muiri and Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan for their support

Music & Sound Design: Antfood
Andrew Rehrig - Flutes
Will Bone- Trombone, Trumpets, Tuba, Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax I, Clarinets
Jesse Scheinin - Tenor Sax II
Wilson Brown - Pianos, Guitars, Synths, Percussion
Chris Marion - Strings
Composition and Arrangement: Wilson Brown
Sound design: Spencer Casey, Charlie Van Kirk, Wilson Brown and Pran Bandi
Final Mix: Andy Baldwin