Rainbow Plate

This plate is the result of a collaboration between myself and Nicholas Mosse Pottery, commemorating the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Ireland on the 22nd of May 2015.

Inspired by the Nicholas Mosse's extensive back catalogue of designs and colour, I made a rainbow pattern reconstructed from their archive of motifs, including elements dating back to the 1970s when the pottery was setup. This souvenir is a small celebration for a big moment in Ireland’s history, a gently waving flag for equality. 

This plate is part of The Souvenir Project - a collection of objects that "explore our local context and questions what a souvenir might be, each souvenir embodies cultural and material characteristics unique to Ireland and of each of their designers and makers".

Design: Johnny Kelly
Plate made by: Nicolas Mosse Pottery
Commissioned by Makers & Brothers and ID2015.