The New York Times

Holiday Books

An animation to accompany the New York Times' annual 'Holiday Books' supplement. Here's what books get up to when we step out of the room.

I made some print illustrations, one for the supplement cover featuring a wild office party at the library, and two more inside for cookery and travel.

We also created an infinitely looping version, to amuse ourselves:

Client: The New York Times
Art Direction: Nicholas Blechman

Production Company: Nexus
Director + Designer: Johnny Kelly
Producer: Isobel Conroy
Project Lead: Mark Davies
Animation: Sergei Shabarov, Michal Firkowski, Fabrice Fiteni, Mark Davies
3D Rendering: Michal Firkowski, Jeremi Boutelet, Mark Davies
3D Modeller: Florent Rousseau
Compositing: Elliott Kajdan

Music & Sound Design: David Kamp