Missouri Lottery

Play It Forward

‘Show the difference a dollar makes to the public schools system’: this was the fun brief from Barkley in these ads for Missouri Lottery. Apart from the opening shot these were entirely computer generated, by a brainy team at Nexus Studios.

Wireframe Render

Client: Missouri Lottery
Executive Director: May Scheve Reardon
Chief Marketing Officer: Nancy Rollins
Advertising Manager: Rhonda Fehr

Agency: Barkley
EVP / Executive Creative Director: Katy Hornaday
Creative Director: Doug Hentges
Creative Director: Chris Cima
Associate Creative Director/Writer: Jordan Breindel
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Jeremy Gilberto
Writer: Courtney Hoenicke
Art Director: Audrey Wilcox
Director of Integrated Production, Video + Experiential: Melany Esfeld
Producer: Shawn Wallace

Production Company: Nexus Studios

Director: Johnny Kelly
Senior Producer: Isobel Conroy
Production Manager: Annika Bauer
Production Assistant: Connie Black

Lead / Supervisor: Dave Hunt
Art Direction: Callum Strachan

Modelling & Texturing: Nur Diker, Carl Kenyon, Dorianne Fibleuil, Remy Dupont, Felip Docolomansky
3D Animation: Matt Morris, Gary Cureton, Benjamin Tron
Lighting & Rendering: Carl Kenyon, Valérie Guichard
Compositing: Germán Díez, Ken Hau

Music, Sound Design & Mix: Antfood