The Journey Begins

A few years ago, Michael Kirkham and I were charged with creating over 500 animated clips for an interactive commercial project. Here is a semi-randomised selection of 75 of these - three and a half minutes out of a total of twenty-six (!). 

The music is 'Wander, Jack Wander' by The High Llamas, from their album 'Talahomi Way' 

Michael illustrated each scene, which were then lovingly animated by Felix Massie, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, Jack Cunningham, Tom Bunker, Dylan White, Joe Sparrow, Mark Davies, Joe Bichard, Jens Blank and James Hatley. Patrick Hearn cleverly programmed a way for these to sit together in AFX. Design assistance by Laurie Hastings. It was produced at Nexus with producer Luke Youngman and production manager Jo Bierton.

Look at more of Michael's work here: